Do You Dare Doing What You Love

By Alan Jarrett

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What do you love? That question is bound to get some interesting answers, and I’m ready for ‘em! But, there’s a catch. None of the “I love ice cream,” or “I love my Kors bag,” or any of that superficial stuff. That also goes for all the “Loves is…” quotes people love to create. See there. I’m guilty too. So nope! None of that.

So what does that leave? Isn’t that sad to think that people have gotten so used to claiming love for things, rather than using that special emotion in a real way? Well, at least to me it seems like that.

It seems rather difficult

to believe people would use that word to describe how they feel about ice cream in the same way they relate to a parent, spouse, child, or even life. No doubt there are some who would claim that, and the only fair comment would be that somewhere there is an emotional void in such an individual. 

Here comes the real nugget to really get things rolling. Suppose you can relate to love in the emotional sense. How might you then compare that with work? Hold on, I can just imagine the knee jerk reaction to that question.

Does work somehow take on a human form, to put that in the same category as people? Let’s consider that for a moment. Who does the work for starters. No matter what kind, be it physical or mental, all work starts with a human being. Yeah, that includes ice cream and expensive purses, but they are the by-products of the human effort.

Work then, is a human endeavor, and fully dependent on a human being. Great! What has this got to do with love? I’m gettin’ there. Just in case someone wants to bring computers into the equation, they don’t get far without human programming. 

Back to the theme here. Did you get up this morning busting at the seams to get started at whatever it is you do? Were your veins pumping with adrenaline as you faced adventure of a new day? Were ideas pumping out of your brain on alternative ways for that special project to work better? Did you walk the 30 steps to your office dressed in PJ’s?

Does independence and the freedom to make your own decisions keep you excited and motivated? Seeing the results of your work turn into income seems like a dream come true, and maybe it was just months ago. You will forever be grateful and thankful for the day you took that step that has led, to doing exactly what you love to do.

There’s that word again, but does it apply in the same emotional sense as loving a person? OK, so if anyone’s paying attention, there are 8 different types of love according to the ancient Greeks. They are:

EROS- erotic love

PHILIS- affectionate love

STORGE- familiar love, no physical attraction

LUDUS- playful love, perhaps best described as infatuation

MANIA- obsessive love

PRAGMA- enduring love, love between people, enduring relationship from couples working at it

PHILAUTIA- healthy self love, not the same as narcissism

AGAPE- selfless love, the highest, unconditional, non-sexual

These eight types of love are rarely defined in society as it relates to non-human relations. The closest form of love as it relates to a passion for work, may be a combination of several of there, as no one in particular by itself snugly fits.

And if you took the time to look at the variations as it applies to cultural, religious, political and philosophical, confused might be the least of what your mind would be as it refers to love.

Add that to the relation of work, and surely I have embarked on a pointless journey to make a point. Yet far from it, because no matter how it stacks up, it is all connected. Intertwined with it all, is the thread of passion. There will never be anything quite like it, when you are passionate about what you do. Since a great deal of passion is involved with love, then the case is made. You can love what you do, and do what you love.

Now, have you figured out what that is? Has it finally been revealed, or is there still some resistance to admit you know it’s identity? That’s ok, just take your time. You know, and sometimes finally allowing yourself to let it come to the surface is the hardest part.

Just know this may lead you to the purpose for your life, or vice versa. One will reveal the other. How it happens is not what’s important. That it happens matters most. Let today be that date you remember as a turning point.

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About the Author

Alan is retired and resides in South America. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill!

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