Does BIG MED Fear Virgin Coconut Oil?

By Alan Jarrett

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Pills vs Coconut Oil. Which one works?

If the many reports of positive changes to the better using virgin coconut oil for Alzheimers is correct, what is the message to the scientific and medical profession? An all natural product making even a small change, much less one that improved quality of life over the course of several years, is something no drug has come close to achieving with Alzheimer’s. Rather, the two massively costly attempts have failed miserably.

Where is the truth? What happens to the medical profession if there is an unpatentable product or treatment for Alzheimers? What happens to the drug research for BIG PHARMA? If no drug can or has been created that can duplicate even a minimal improvement, what happens to the projected trillions of dollars  in sales? It appears the only ones who win are

Alzheimers sufferers, and coconut farmers.

Do you have reason to fear the medical industry? Don’t they make huge profits at your expense? Is there any incentive on their part to heal you? What happens if you begin to get healthy? Then it’s only Emergency Room visits for gunshot wounds or car wrecks.

If there are no heart attacks, diabetic comas, allergic reactions, because people have began to have more confidence in all natural cures because they work, what then? Would there be a need for all the hospitals, clinics, medical personnel, medications and drugs, if no one was getting sick?

So again, the question is, do you have reason to fear the medical industry? It is an industry. You do realize that, correct? It is no longer a simple vocation as it was 60 years ago when real Doctors made house calls with their little black bag. Most who may read this have no recollection of those days.

Today you are shuffled around like the huge bank of files seen behind the receptionist’s desk. They know all about your last surgery, list of medications, missing parts like the appendix, but they have to look at the file tab or computer screen to know your name. It’s a job, and you’re number 114 to see the doctors today. Of course you have an appointment, but you’ll still be waiting an hour…maybe.

The Doctor sees you and glances at your file to see if there is anything of interest. He asks all the perfunctory questions and you casually mention you’ve been taking virgin coconut oil. Now imagine how his head snaps up, the eyes actually focus on you with intensity as they try not to act surprised or excited.

All the routine just flew out the air conditioning duct. First it’s the who, what, when, where, why and how barrage. As you calmly comment what you saw on Dr. Oz about how it is good for ulcers, and you decided to be proactive against such a discomfort.

That does it. The wagons are circled as you are forced to listen to all the arguments of medical history as it pertains to how saturated fats have been proved to be associated with raising the LDL cholesterol with is associated with Vascular Heart Disease.

You calmly mention you were talking about ulcers and without missing a beat they rattle off more medical mumbo jumbo as it relates to the accumulation of cholesterol in your blood that can clog up the arteries and before you know it, you’re in the emergency room or worse.

But you’ve come prepared as you still calmly mention the Framingham Study, Dr. Bruce Fife and his Coconut Research Center Website. You continue with Dr. Joe Mercola and his plethora of articles on coconut oil. Then add the opposing recent studies on that point out the lack of evidence even connecting cholesterol with saturated fats from virgin coconut oil. You also add that the original studies done used trans fat laden hydrogenated coconut oil.

Now you’ve done it! The esteemed doctor begins to sputter that you must be misinformed as many times the interpretation by non-medical minds can lead to confusion of the facts and that there is ample medical proof that the opposite is true. So you remind him that another doctor was consulted to make certain the facts are correct and that you do understand.

Then it happens. With a rather haughty, superior look and attitude the doctor informs you that if you dispute his medical knowledge you have the option to change to another practice. As ignoring his advice gained from 10 years of medical education at the best Medical Schools in the country, could jeopardize his practice and integrity. Putting his profession at risk. He adds that this will be noted in your medical history.

That last shot across the bow is followed up by mentioning such notation could jeopardize attention from other medical practices and insurers as well. 

So what does all that sound like? Is this a confident, secure, medical professional listening to a patient with calmness? Willing to investigate what the patient is saying that could provide valuable information. Could this be something the esteemed doctor is unaware of or even ignorant about? The medical industry has become the elephant in the room!

Even though science has come to the point of providing evidence that previous studies on saturated fats were flawed, and has shown the proof, it is still being questioned. The mainstream media has had their buttons pushed by BIG PHARMA and BIG MED to go to work to calm the flames about virgin coconut oil before they get a foothold with the public.

Special interests rally all the pundits and journalists to create opposing and conflicting articles as though they are regular people questioning the validity of new information. The Hollywood faction gets cranked up to create new dialogue in attempts to discredit and ridicule truth they know nothing about and care less. For them it’s simply camera time.

Articles about untrue myths abound, when there were no myths in the first place, but it fools many. The machine is in full motion to protect the lies and distortions the public has been fed for more than 40 years. The sick, fat, lazy and nearly dead are somewhat shaken out of their lethargic state, starting to question why. 

The Boomer generation that heads the list is no longer satisfied with the answers they’ve been fed for decades. Dr. Mary Newport and her experience with her husband and Alzheimers begins to shake the medical industrial complex. 

The story behind the story, slowly begins to take shape as conflict of interest, collusion, politics, BIG BIZ, and the move to place presumed National Interests above the health and well being of the public rolls into motion. 

Should the American Soybean Association bear the blame? What about the influence of Henry Ford and his push to use soybean products in his cars? How much influence did he have with the public? What about Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his development of meatless foods using soy products?

Wait! What does that have to do with virgin coconut oil? Soybeans? Cottonseeds? Safflower? Vegetable oils that have invaded your food source since WWII, most of which were hydrogenated (now declared illegal by the FDA), due to the processing method have been proven to be toxic! 

These oils were used to replace virgin coconut oil when it became impossible to source after the invasion of the Philippine Islands during the war. Coconut oil was predominately used in all your food supply before that event. It has never regained that position, and your health has paid the price.

So again the question. Does BIG MED have reason to fear virgin coconut oil? Deeper yet, do you have reason to fear your doctor if you begin to share it’s multitude of health benefits and say so? Bottom line? It’s your health, and most likely that of your family. So the greater question is, can you afford to ignore virgin coconut oil like BIG MED? 

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About the Author

Alan is retired and resides in South America. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill!

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