No Supplement Can Beat Virgin Coconut Oil!

By Alan Jarrett

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Why can it be said that no supplement beats Virgin Coconut Oil? No matter what supplements claim, the reality of any one supplement being able to drastically improve health is nothing short of a fantasy. Studies of today’s health challenges rarely center on just one issue. A good example would be diabetes which is so often coupled with fatty liver and/or obesity. There simply is no one size fits all.

One of the best natural substances that continually amazes medical professionals is Virgin Coconut Oil. For decades this seemingly dangerous substance was demonized for it’s unequaled amounts of saturated fat. Since 1970 flawed research  by Ancel Keys has declared it as unhealthy, a contributing factor to raise LDL cholesterol and linked to potential cardio vascular events.

A supplement is a replacement or substitute for the original. An addition designed to complete, compete with or make up for a deficiency, etc. An imposter? As such it can not be claimed to replace the original, as advertising and labels would have you believe. 

Here is an extract from a site offering more detailed information about supplements you may find informative. “The term “natural” doesn’t always mean safe. A supplement’s safety depends on many things, such as its chemical makeup, how it works in the body, how it is prepared, and the dose used. Certain herbs (for example, comfrey and kava) can harm the liver.” 

Truth can not be denied from so many studies, even from the ‘50s, now coming to the surface with the facts. The qualities of the saturated fat from Virgin Coconut Oil have shown to be one of the healthiest natural substances imaginable. Current uses have shown amazing results with health issues such as Alzheimers, diabetes, even the aches and pains of arthritis.

Supplements making claims falling into the “one size fits all” are possibly more dangerous than the health issue they claim to protect. No one is going to claim cures with Virgin Coconut Oil at this point. Only drastic and grateful relief. Here are just a few of those claims as it applies to high blood sugar.

  • Keeps your blood sugar level stable.
  • Improves your body’s insulin efficiency
  • Slows the release of glucose from your food into your bloodstream.
  • Decreases oxidative damage to your body.

There are all sorts of strong sounding declarations as to the manner in which supplements are processed.  Supposedly to protect the natural goodness of the nutrients that you’re buying them for in the first place. There’s always a good sounding story that few really understand. How low heat is used so nutrients won’t be destroyed affecting the quality a supplement claims to offer.

The truth is, who do you trust? How many times have companies told you about how safe their products are, only to discover it wasn’t so? Let’s see, there’s BIG TOBACCO, BIG SUGAR, a certain Ice Cream maker, BIG SODA MFG’s, just to mention a few. 

Then there is the case of GMO’s. Why do you think they don’t want that stuff declared on food labels? If it’s so safe, so good for your health and well being, what are they afraid of?

Now since none of that (GMO’s) get’s declared on labels, how much do you think finds it’s way into any supplement you’re taking? Is it possible? You know it is. The so called USDA Organic Certified labels on food are not trustworthy at all. So why is it any easier to believe certification of whole, organic, sugar free, or so many other declarations found on labels?

What does Virgin Coconut Oil mean? Simply said coconut oil that has not gone through any process which damages the oil’s quality. No chemicals, no solvents, and no hydrogenation. No RBD which is an abbreviation meaning Refined, Bleached or Deodorized processes. The oil has been cold pressed from the coconut…period.

Are there Coconut Oil products in the marketplace not so good for your health? Unfortunately there are. Any coconut oil that has been hydrogenated would fall into that category. Processes other than expeller or cold pressed will be questionable, with cold pressed being preferred. Here is a guide to help clarify how to choose your best Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut Palms are amazing as filters. Because of all the fibrous content in the trunk that water must filter through before finding it’s way into the coconut. This purified water from coconuts was used as IV fluid during the war when saline solution was scarce or not available. So imagine how fresh and pure the coconut meat is that the oil comes from.

Now with all the supplements pouring into the marketplace could it be an effort for the supplement industry to ride on the coattails of popularity created around virgin coconut oil? Chances are following the money trail will provide answers.

Simply remember the bottom line. Supplements are a substitute for the real deal. All the claims in the world for supplements can not measure up to the real product. You can’t get Virgin Coconut Oil unless you squeeze it from the fresh coconut. Dried copra or dried coconut is not the same. This is what is used for mass production of coconut oil used in non-health related products like cosmetics.

It could be compared to eggs. Do you want those from hens roaming the barnyard laying eggs with beautiful yellow yolks? Or would you prefer powdered eggs? So learn the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil, and everything else that claims to be some variation of it. Discover why no supplement can beat the oil extracted by natural means from fresh coconuts. 

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