Ransomed To Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

By Alan Jarrett

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Virgin Coconut Oil

Ransomed generally implies a price is paid to get something back that has been captured or taken away by another. It’s not a stretch at all to make that connection about coconut oil in the U. S. Before WWII this oil was used predominately in all our food supply. More important, we had not experienced the sharp rise in heart disease, diabetes or obesity that is present today.

So what changed? How can this be compared to something being taken away from use in our food supply, and more importantly turned into some sort of life threatening food to be avoided? Once this was demonized and vilified

by professionals, who supposedly preformed due diligence with scientific studies, our government was convinced to support and recommend a diet free of virgin coconut oil and it’s saturated fat.

Even though the hypothesis had been ridiculed by members of the World Health Organization it seems politics turned a blind eye to facts. Opposition gave way to political power, connections and professional influence. Of course the vegetable oil producers were overjoyed, as they now had access to a market that had been denied them prior to the War.

Even though valid studies showing the claimed results against virgin coconut oil were never proven, government support persisted. A study proving the trans fats found in hydrogenated vegetable oils was toxic, was ignored for decades. In 2013 the Government was sued with undeniable evidence, and hydrogenated vegetable oils were basically determined as illegal substances to put in our food supply.

For more than 60 years saturated fats, especially that from virgin coconut oil, had been blamed as the link to high LDL cholesterol and that to heart disease. It was never true! Worse, millions died because the low fat, high carb/high protein diet recommended by the Government has been shown to be at the root of the very health problems we suffer in the U.S. Today.

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The U. S. Population, and the World, has been held for ransom by politics, BIG BIZ, BIG GOV, BIG PHARMA, BIG MED and even BIGGER EGOS at the expense of our collective health. Ignorance can not be claimed as many studies done correctly were ignored, vilified, authors claimed as “crackpots,” “quacks,” and discredited by industry “ghost writers” contracted to fill the Internet with conflicting stories.

What do they use as substance? The same flawed information that has been used for decades. Proof positive has been presented yet there is too much money at risk if changes are made. How does that translate? We, you, the American public is being held for ransom for the benefit of financial gain.

Do you think this is just some random report with no proof to back it up? Review the links offered. Read the Peer Reviewed studies that have been done recently showing no relation to saturated fat from virgin coconut oil linked in any way to dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol. The book, The Great Cholesterol Myth takes into account the four different kinds of LDL cholesterol, and which of that is good or bad. Know the difference between the “fluffy” non-threatening LDL, and the “medium, small and very small” LDL components. Those that are hard, dense, and can scour the walls of blood vessels and arteries allowing a footing for plaque to accumulate.

There is a small army of professionals physicians such as Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mary Newport, and others, that are endorsing the use of virgin coconut oil. This through scientific evidence or as in the case of Dr. Newport, personal experience with her husband, Steve, and Alzheimer’s.

You no longer need to be held for ransom to unhealthy information as it applies to eating a high fat diet compared to what you have had drilled into your head for decades. Break free of the so called “status quo” that so many have fallen victim to. If you are overweight, diabetic, or have high LDL cholesterol, discover that it can all be changed. 

Sources to investigate include the book by Dr. Mercola, “Fat for Fuel.” Other sources include Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Bruce Fife, or the many videos by Dr. Mary Newport and her continued efforts to expose how virgin coconut oil can make an amazing difference with Alzheimer’s.

It’s your choice. Continue to be held for ransom to an unhealthy diet that can kill you, or take courage and check out the resources included in this report. Discover why being ransomed to the benefits of virgin coconut oil can change your life.

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