Shocking Truth Behind Battle Of The Oils!

By Alan Jarrett

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Virgin Coconut Oil

So you think that the reason soybean oil, and all the other vegetable oils are so highly touted is because they are so superior? WRONG! In case you haven’t noticed, it has finally been accepted after decades that the trans fats in vegetable oils are toxic. This is not news. It just took a lawsuit against the FDA to make them declare those toxins illegal for food products.

Back as far as 1957 a Professor by name of Fred Kummerow discovered the trans fats in arteries of corpses who had died of heart failure were toxic. But the food industry ignored these warnings, along with the FDA in favor of profits by using

the cheaper trans fats over more natural oils.

Even in the ‘90s studies clearly showed trans fats were the cause of soaring rates of heart disease, but profits by BIG FOOD continued to win out. The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a petition with the FDA in 1994 requiring trans fats be listed on labels. The immediate response of the FDA was typical…as it acquiesced in 2006.

Yet it took a legal event to force the FDA to do what should have been done decades earlier. Be reminded of what the FDA claims is their mission;

FDA Mission: The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.”

Does this encourage you? The very ingredient at the root of heart disease was ignored by the government organization charged with protecting public health and our food supply. They basically ignore their mandate until forced by law to do their job?

Now this, along with other government and quasi-government organizations want you to believe all the old studies and resources they have used to condemn saturated fat, especially that from virgin coconut oil, is all they claim. Focusing on that is basically a smoke screen for what could be more condemning.

The producers of soy, safflower, cotton and flax seeds were in competition for a spot in the food industry. Virgin coconut oil was used predominately as a thickening agent in the U. S. prior to WWII. When the Philippine Islands were occupied by Japan during WWII that supply of virgin coconut oil was cut off and the vegetable oil producers had to fill the void.

This was the moment they had been waiting for. And to be fair, the U.S. food supply needed something to pick up where coconut oil left a void. However, the vegetable seed producers had been maneuvering prior to that time to displace coconut oil because of their large surpluses of seed and not caring for being displaced by a foreign entity.

Post war coconut oil could barely be found in cosmetics and not much else. What’s interesting is during the years following the war, a sharp increase in heart disease became a major health concern for the U.S. A clarion call went out to find the cause.

At a World Health Organization summit in 1953, Dr. Ancel Keys submitted a hypothesis that saturated fats were at the root of the heart disease episode. Many of the European members basically ignored his theory as being meritless.

However the vegetable seed/oil producers were not idly standing by. The race was heating up to make certain they did not loose the marketplace they had carved out while the supply of virgin coconut oil was ‘hamstrung’ by the war.

With lobbyists, new seed organizations created to protect massive crop investments, insurance to protect against crop failures, government subsidies, a sure-fire advantage had to be created to maintain this advantage. It came in the form of Dr. Key’s hypothesis, and unqualified 7 Countries Study that was never scientifically verified, yet accepted as fact.

An excellent article going to great efforts offering details as it relates to what Keys tried to do, and eventually accomplished based on his fame as creator of “K Rations” and political connections.

However, there are other sources that also provide information on the way that Keys did his study, and the reality of just how loose and inexact the details were. Groups were studied based on data gathered from government sources of foods available for consumption, and statistics of death attributed to heart disease.

Here it has to be noted that death certificates in many of the countries studied were not as detailed based on a lack of autopsies to specifically determine if death was due to cardiovascular disease directly related to saturated fat and cholesterol. While it can be claimed there may be an association, that does not determine cause.

This was as definite as Keys ever came to any scientific proof that saturated fat is a determining factor leading to heart disease. The same can be said for saturated fat raising LDL cholesterol to dangerous levels. That it can raise LDL cholesterol is not the issue. The type of LDL raised, which is the benign, soft fluffy element, poses no danger as it relates to any heart disease.

What is conveniently left out, is that HDL cholesterol is increased, which is the element seen as contributing to healthy benefits in the blood stream.

Many articles claim the Keys ‘cherry-picked’ information by choosing certain countries, claiming those were the ones that fit his hypothesis. It may be more correct to say because of food rationing in Nazi occupied countries, so soon after the war, information could be skewed. Was that the reason? While this seems to be a reason for eliminating 17 countries, it’s hard to say.

What is not hard to say is that all of Key’s study was based on theory and hypothesis, and not nearly enough hard fact and information. Unfortunately like many things, including a lie, the more it’s repeated the easier it is to believe. Especially from a respected source such as Keys in his day.

In the conclusion of a parallel study by Yerushalmy and Hilleboe in 1957, “It is concluded that the suggested association between national death rates from heart disease and percentage of fat in the diet available for consumption cannot at the present time be accepted as valid.”

Since no other studies have ever been performed beyond the 7 Countries Study, this conclusion by Yerushalmy and Hilleboe can still be considered valid. While many claims have been leveled at the Key’s study as flawed, skewed and more, it is simply one based on theory and hypothesis, and not scientific fact. Millions have paid the ultimate price for unproven health data.

At present there are a multitude of articles using plagiarized sources making claims based on incorrect information. Even respected sources in published books make claims that cannot be backed up with fact. Only by reading the entire study done by Yerushalmy and Hilleboe can any real understanding be gained as to the claim of saturated fat being related to heart disease.

There are many new studies and reports on the validity and benefit of increased saturated fat in the diet. Studies are now showing that low-fat diets are not healthy, and more likely to lead to the health factors that plague our nation. That includes diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more.

So discover for yourself the shocking truth behind the battle of the oils, saturated fat found in coconut oil, and decide if it’s time for a change in your diet.

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