Your Life Choice: Drugs Or Coconut Oil

By Alan Jarrett

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You would think that writers who have any interest in truth, would take the time to check sources of information that may not agree with their particular viewpoint on a given topic. You would think! Yet as we have witnessed in the last few years, truth in reporting is a thing of the past.

Coconut Oil is the main passion these days. Truthfully, the years have been all over the place with “all natural and superfoods” claims to bring about miraculous cures and health improvements. Testimonies have been rampant and effusive in their claims of benefits. Fewer still could actually provide

factual support of those claims.

Then there are the ever present “studies” of supposed medical professionals and scientists. With their medicalese lingo that defies the layperson to understand, much less decipher. Reports run in circles or words and phrases worse than any maze. These reports contained in the dungeons of the digital files of the are supposedly free of any collusion or political hanky panky.

Yet more than one of these so called studies has later been shown to be rife with flawed information. As it relates to one such, coconut oil, there was some obvious if not intentional flaws.

Here is a study supposedly without any purpose other than to determine the health aspects of coconut oil and saturated fat. Seems clear enough. Enter revered and educated scientists whose qualifications would rarely be questioned. Aren’t these the stalwart beings we trust as much or more than our own medical practitioners? Trust is the key word here.

So in short, the study is conducted. Low and behold the coconut oil is found to be loaded with bad fat! Of course it was never disclosed that hydrogenated coconut oil was used in the study, and not the virgin coconut oil in it’s most natural state. So yeah, the scientific study shows “bad saturated fat” in coconut oil and it is demonized as unsafe.

Even more, it is linked to be dangerous to Cardio Vascular Disease. Remember that this is supposed to be a study on Virgin Coconut Oil, and not the mechanically rendered useless stuff that was tested. So what do you think happened? The industrialized vegetable oil conglomerate jumped with joy! Now they had their “smoking gun” to displace coconut oil in the food industry.

It was conveniently replaced with a predominance of soybean oil. The American Soybean Association, along with politicians and other industrialists, were all about furthering our multitude of soybean crops in any and every way possible. After all, if it’s good for business it’s good for America.

So exit coconut oil from our food and guess what happened. As of the 1970s when soybean oil and others were fully entrenched in our food products which filled grocers shelves, a strange thing began to happen.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices began to see an increase in heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. At the turn of the century the U.S.A. was and is a sick puppy! Healthcare is breaking the backs of those who needs it the most. Who is the winner? If the picture needs to be painted for you then you may be a part of the society with the head stuck somewhere besides in reality.

If an all natural product that needs no refining, such as soybean oil that uses acids, metals, and any number of things that are deadly to human beings is considered unhealthy, where’s the proof? There is NONE! Where are the records recording the deaths of those using coconut oil on a daily basis? Where is irrefutable scientific proof that saturated fat of coconut oil is related to heart disease? It does not exist.

Sure, there are studies that use all sorts of words that seem to point to that end. It’s sorta like politicians. Scientists are no different, in using all the disclaimer words like could, may, possibly, might, could lead to, as I understand it, and more. While we would like to believe that these studies are without flaw, there is too much financial gain at risk. Usually by those who commission the studies.

Think about this. If you have any of the maladies mentioned, and suddenly you take a chance on coconut oil and see a truly unbelievable cure, who loses? Not you and that’s a fact! If you don’t need medicines, even a doctor, what happens to this medical giant that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 40+ years?

Who reading this has tried preparing fried foods with coconut oil. Has anyone tried applying this to ultra dry skin? Who has even gone so far as to dare eating a spoonful? Who do you know that has been trying to tell you all the marvelous benefits of coconut oil, that you have routinely ignored? What if it’s true? Better yet, if it has never been proven to kill, what have you got to loose?

So yeah, would you rather depend on drugs the rest of your life? As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” You’re probably like the rest, that have spend thousands of dollars on medical car but no cures! How much does coconut oil cost? Who produces it? Coconut Palm trees! So right away it cuts out BIG PHARMA, BIG MED, BIG GOV, who don’t grow and coconut palm trees…yet!

End of story. So go eat some coconut and try coconut oil. You’ll be glad you did.


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About the Author

Alan is retired and resides in South America. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill!

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