1 Unbelievable Reason To Use Coconut Oil

By Alan Jarrett

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It’s in the bowl. Homemade coconut oil!

Anytime a claim is made the very first words that enter the grey matter or emerge from the mouth are, “Prove it!” Right? Right. So how is it going to be proved coconut oil works? Common sense may be the best option, and a deep distrust of whatever is mainstream thinking another.

Here’s the stage. You’re overweight, always tired, possibly diabetic, taking several prescription medications, and healthcare is costing a fortune if you can even get it. You may be just a little scared of what happens next. A stroke, a diabetic coma, cancer, some massive illness or disease? It all races through your mind no matter how hard you try to ignore it. So is there any hope? If you’re facing retirement it gets


For more than fifty years virgin coconut oil has been cast as the demon to health, and specifically as it relates to the various definitions of heart disease. The more exact claim was the saturated fat in virgin coconut oil, also referred to as VCO, led to increased LDL cholesterol. Now you know from your own doctor’s visits that’s supposed to be the bad stuff.

LDL Cholesterol Has Always Been Seen As Just Bad

It’s funny how LDL cholesterol has always been seen as just bad, and more is not “merrier.” Recent studies, most notably by Dr. Ronald Krauss, finally give us a much clearer picture. Dr. John Gofman developed the analytical ultracentrifuge. The machine used for decades to determine for the first time levels of good and bad cholesterol. 

This was crucial to the 1949 discovery of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). It wasn’t until decades later it was discovered by Dr. Krauss, there are subsets of LDL cholesterol that have been ignored.

Dr. Krauss in his own right, developed a particle-spitting process known as ion mobility analysis. This finally allowed seeing the smaller, denser and harder subsets of LDL cholesterol. The “bad” part that does lead to health complications. Now get this. The larger, puffy, soft LDL is what most have. The majority of the time this is what goes up whenever there is a hike in LDL cholesterol. Pay attention! When this happens you DON’T need statins!

Most Medical Practitioners Won’t Order The Test

Unfortunately, even though this technology has been around for awhile, most medical practitioners won’t order the test. Or the equipment is so expensive that many labs don’t have it. BIG PHARMA is not about to inform doctors of this, as it would hurt the multi-billion dollar statin market. Are you getting the importance of what this means?

In the most simple way possible, there is more than one part to LDL cholesterol. This isn’t about HDL which you already know is the good guy. Here’s a segment from the original piece by none other than NBC.

“LDL comes in four basic forms: a big, fluffy form known as large LDL, and three increasingly dense forms known as medium, small, and very small LDL. A diet high in saturated fat mainly boosts the numbers of large-LDL particles, while a low-fat diet high in carbohydrates propagates the smaller forms. The big, fluffy particles are largely benign, while the small, dense versions keep lipid-science researchers awake at night.”

The Big, Puffy LDL Particles Are Largely Benign

Did you get that? The big, fluffy particles are largely what? Benign! What does that mean? HARMLESS! No drugs necessary thank you. If you’ve been on statins because of high LDL cholesterol, ask for a refund. Better yet, get a test done to show the medium, small and very small dense forms of LDL.

Now some doctor that hears this from you is going to question your source of information. First off it’s not this site, but here is the link to the story by NBC. You are encouraged to note the date, going all the way back to 2010! Ask your primary care physician about this and watch their response.

Ok, So What Does All This Have To Do With Coconut Oil

Ok, so what has all this got to do with virgin coconut oil? Tons! It has been falsely claimed since the “˜50s, by the likes of Ansel Keys and others, that saturated fat leads to increased levels of LDL cholesterol and increased risk of Cardio Vascular Disease. The highest source of saturated fat is found in virgin coconut oil.  Because this fat is made up of MCTs or medium chain triglycerides, it is absorbed directly into the liver.

That means it does NOT get stored in your cells like the fat from LCTs or long chain triglycerides that must go through the normal digestive process. Is this starting to make some sense? So if the MCTs do not even get stored in your cells, which could potentially lead in a worse case scenario to plaque, the fat from virgin coconut oil is what? Heart Healthy! The complete opposite of what has been claimed for decades.

Now how does that bit of truth grab you? If you, or someone important to you has been diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol, it may be time to question that diagnosis. Especially if drugs have been prescribed. Just sayin…

There Is No Apology For Sharing Thoughts And Information

There is no apology for sharing thoughts and information, as none of it can be claimed as medical advice. Not being a doctor of any sort, simply means none of this can be misconstrued or misunderstood as medical anything. 

It is laughable that Dr. John McDougall, refers to Dr. Krauss as “Dr. Lard.” His position is that Dr. Krauss has made eating fat, or lard as he choses to call it, a travesty and blames association with the beef and cattle industry for said results. What’s so laughable is Dr. McDougall’s pandering of his own diet programs and such as the solution. And this is not about money? His programs don’t appear to be free. He insinuates Dr. Krauss is about the money in his study results. Is this the “pot” calling the “kettle” black?

Lard, as Dr. McDougall calls it, is what is commonly known as hydrogenated fat. Fat can not be pressed from soybeans, corn, cottonseeds or safflower. It must be extracted using chemicals, solvents that are derivatives of gasoline, along with other blending agents. Not the sort of fat that comes from clean pastured beef, pork, poultry or wild caught fish. The very foods full of GMO’s, full of trans fats or that have been proven to lead to real health problems are the very ones recommended by the good Dr. McDougall. It sure makes you wonder what he’s been reading?

Still There Are Those Who Chose To Ignore The Truth

After so many studies offering supportive, negative evidence about low fat, high carb and high protein diets you would think the message is clear. They do not result in lasting weight loss and health. Still there are those who choose to ignore the truth. It may be more appropriate to rename Dr. McDougall as “Dr. World Is Flat.” Refusing to admit or accept facts is dangerous as a presumed, trained, medical professional. Dr. McDougall would seem to be “cherry picking” like Keys.

Rather than accept a multitude of facts, the good doctor seems to have stepped out as his own medical authority. All the other Dr.s named on his site must all be in cahoots, recipients of grants or funding by industry to provide favorable study results to benefit said industries. 

He openly shows his disdain for other professionals with this excerpt from his site.

“Dr. Krauss has not acted alone in turning nutrition wisdom on its head. Robert Atkins, MD of the Atkins Diet fame, Gary Taubes (science-writer) and best-selling authors William Davis, MD (Wheat Belly), and David Perlmutter, MD (Grain Brain) have made valuable contributions to this latest trend.”

Check Each Dr.s Link…See What They Think About Fat

Really? Well, anyone who takes the time to read and check the links provided may come to a different conclusion. The above named Dr.s are part of a much larger group. Check each Dr.s link to see exactly what they think about saturated fat, specifically virgin coconut oil, in the diet. Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Bruce Fife, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Mary Newport, and a host of other medical pros. (Yes, these were cherry-picked!)

An unbelievable reason to use virgin coconut oil? It supports heart health. If for no other consideration, because the mainstream medical industrial complex says not to. Another would be to think for yourself and not follow the crowd. A third reason wraps itself around you. You are the only one who cares about your health more than anyone else. Who better to step up and take notice of what’s wrong with the “medical machine.” 

You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to read. To investigate the information that’s available in this day and age on the Internet. Using wisdom and not buying into all the “fake news” out there is cautionary. Pay attention to those you trust. Be willing to see their flaws and not just grant trust carte blanc.

At one point in time doctors were not about business, swayed by unscrupulous drug vendors and companies. They actually cared about the people in need. It was not an appointment every 15 minutes, a prescription, and next cubicle. Trust has been placed in a machine that must be constantly fed to survive.

You Reason You’re Not A Doctor…

Look, you have done what is perfectly natural. Looked for the path of least resistance. You reason you’re not a doctor and incapable of dealing with your health issues. There was a time when that may have been true. However people have been healing themselves for centuries, and it has not disappeared. It just takes effort and work, which seems to be the challenge for most.

So in summary, there are a number of unbelievable reasons to use virgin coconut oil, and every other part of the coconut you can. There’s coconut flour, coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut sugar and coconut water, that all come from this one fruit. Drugs can harm you. A coconut can fall on your head and hurt you, but even then the likelihood is remote. There are no recorded fatalities from coconuts. Can drugs say the same?

The saturated fat from Virgin Coconut Oil may raise your LDL cholesterol, but it will be the “puffy,” soft form. It will also as much as double your HDL cholesterol. So it’s a double shot of good mojo to your body.

All You Have To Do Is Check It Out

All you have to do is check it out. Click on the links provided and spend some time reading. It will be time well invested in you. Is there anything more important? Oh yeah, drop a line and let us know what you think.

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