3 Reasons Alzheimers Runs From Virgin Coconut Oil!

By Alan Jarrett

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Alzheimers has been the “Boogie Man” for many years along with Dementia. Those days are coming to an end. The greatest surprise is the drug industry can’t claim victory. That appears to belong to Mother Nature. 

Advances with astounding results using an all natural fruit dumfound the experts. Tests have shown it can do for Alzheimers sufferers what drugs can’t. BIG PHARMA has made two unsuccessful attempts to create an artificial means to deal with this devastating demon to a normal life. BIG MED and the political hacks have done their best to continue a false

narrative that has lasted decades.

Following are 3 reasons Alzheimers has shown it can be halted, and even reversed with all natural, virgin coconut oil. 

1. Science has been able to show that the onset of memory loss begins in the brain long before it’s noticeable. Brain cells are attacked and die, at random, as the accumulation of amyloid plaques invade between nerve cells, also called neurons. 

So this is not hardening of the arteries like in your blood  vessels. This is hardening of brain cells that deteriorate and die. Glucose that feeds the brain cells finds resistance which makes things worse. This contributes to the accumulation of the plaque. 

2. Virgin Coconut Oil taken internally has the proven result to produce ketones in the liver, which send energy to the brain.

Brain cells don’t die as keynotes are converted to the energy the brain can not store on it’s own. This energy is what keeps those cells alive, keeping at bay any chances of the deterioration leading to Alzheimer’s. 

3. Only as brain cells are deprived of energy can they die, leading to those diseases that have been shown to develop as the brain loses those centers of activity necessary to function. Alzheimer’s is not the only one, but perhaps the most devastating to those making up the advanced aging. 


It is most apparent in the “Boomer” generation, but has the chance to see a dramatic reversal for many who give virgin coconut oil the opportunity to make a difference.

The part of the human body regardless of gender, that consumes the greatest amount of energy is the brain. Aging is one of the greatest threats to depletion of that energy if a poor food plan is in place.

There is substantial evidence that the low fat, high carb/high protein method does not avoid this issue, but rather helps to promote the glucose resistance that leads to the death of brain cells.

The various medical, pharmaceutical, heart, diabetes, and government groups are not in the least encouraged to embrace the so called “cursory evidence” that exists from those who have shown through personal use that virgin coconut oil works. These are the “human examples” rather than those of rats!

Science is obsessed with rats for scientific study as opposed to other studies such as the much ballyhooed “7 Countries Study,” or the famous “Framingham” study that involved people and not rodents. 

Yet there have been studies that did not “cherry-pick” the information wanted to support a particular hypothesis or theory as it relates to the impact of LDL cholesterol on cardiovascular events in the body, such as those two previously mentioned. None of the studies done have ever connected saturated fat, much less virgin coconut oil, with any link to heart disease of any kind. 

That saturated fat raises LDL cholesterol is a fact. What is never mentioned is the fact LDL cholesterol has more than one component. The “large” component which is soft and fluffy would be the most accurate description of this harmless element. Followed by the medium, small and very small which are hard and dense. Those three are the ones that do damage.

Coconut Oil has more impact on the large element. So raising that in your body is a good thing, not the bad that has been painted when reference is made to raising the “bad” cholesterol. 

There is no “bad” cholesterol in the first place. Your body needs it to transport the fat cells back to the liver for processing. What’s more, cholesterol can not be linked to heart disease as the cause either! Now there’s a flash for you. This is another example of strongly suggesting there is some link, when it has never been absolutely, scientifically or otherwise, proven.

So what’s the ‘take home’ here on Alzheimer’s? Pharmaceutical research has failed, and all the big labs meaning GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Lilly, AstraZeneca and Merck have abandoned research for a drug, but not the huge market.

Focus is now beginning to hone in on vaccines for Alzheimer’s. Especially since even when they fail to deliver any benefit producers can’t be sued by law. How’s that for developing real trust in the efficacy when no risk is involved?

So to date, virgin coconut oil is the only product that has shown any positive effect at dealing with Alzheimer’s. Will it work in every case? This is so new it’s impossible to even debate at this stage of the game. Cursory evidence certainly gives hope, which is far more than anything the Scientific or Pharmaceutical industry can claim!

So let’s keep Alzheimer’s on the run with virgin coconut oil. Start now, rather than wait until it could be too late.

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About the Author

Alan is retired and resides in South America. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill!

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