Why Virgin Coconut Oil May Save U. S. Budget!

By Alan Jarrett

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Drugs vs. Virgin Coconut Oil

So you think that’s one for a big laugh? A great joke? Well to be sure no one is laughing about the incredible cost medical care is placing on our budget, and if predictions are correct it gets worse from here on out.

Ok, so how does Virgin Coconut Oil save the day? There’s no question this may take a little liberty with the way things work. So see if this even sounds like there is some merit to the idea.


Some of the greatest challenges

to medical costs today and in the future are;

1. Cardiovascular Heart Issues

2. Obesity

    1. Diabetes Type 2
    2. Diabetes Type 1

3. Cancers

4. Alzheimers/Dementia

There are more but Alzheimer’s alone is projected to take up the entire budget by 2050, leaving nothing for any other part of our budgetary needs. Now that’s a frightening projection. Especially when we have no medical solution to any of those diseases. At least not with drugs. Stop gap measures, but no cures.

Does Virgin Coconut Oil pose a possible solution? Even in a small way? Here’s some thought on the matter that make turn on a light.

Virgin Coconut Oil is all natural and not a drug, which means BIG PHARMA can’t patent it in any way and charge outrageous prices for it. Chances BIG CHEM will try to create a GMO doesn’t look likely, simply because the coconut palm doesn’t seem to be affected by serious plague or pestilence. And there are remedies for those that exist. So it remains pure and good. It produces all year long so supply doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Ok, so much for supply to the public at prices that are rational. Could business interests buy up all the coastal properties where coconut grows? While it’s possible, it’s even more possible countries, states and municipalities will want that revenue.

But let’s not get ahead of things. What about the diseases mentioned. How can Virgin Coconut Oil impact those? 

First of all, there has been what’s called cursory evidence of the impact of virgin coconut oil on Alzheimer’s and other diseases that seem to have their origin in the brain.

This phrase is what all naysayers use against examples of the effectiveness of virgin coconut oil. Mirriam-Webster defines cursory as “rapidly and often superficially performed or produced.” So it insinuates that positive results are just accidents. 

That not enough evidence exists from so called “scientific studies” is reason enough to question personal testimony. Even though it has been clearly shown those same scientific studies are many times manipulated to support a particular theory that lacks real evidence. So in the end, who is more believable? 

Returning to the original thought of how Virgin Coconut Oil might save the budget as it relates to the gigantic cost of health care. Just suppose Alzheimers alone could be reversed. Stopped even before it becomes symptomatic! Virgin Coconut Oil has been shown to have a positive impact on Alzheimer’s. There are incidents and accounts where the symptoms have even been reversed.

So what if the trillions of dollars projected for health care cost by 2050, with the senior market falling victim more and more to Alzheimer’s, could be reduced? What sort of a positive result would that make in reducing the cost of medical care?

Right now BIG PHARMA and BIG MED have no answer. Mother Nature seems to have provided one and BIG GOV, along with all the rest seem to be resisting the acceptance of that fact. Could there be an underlying reason? Could money, exorbitant profits from pharmaceuticals or research grants play a part?

How about lost profits from the huge supply of vegetal seed from soy, cotton, safflower and flax used to produced hydrogenated oils that replaced coconut oil decades ago? Oils containing toxic substances from chemical processing. In most cases GMO seed at that.

What about the various medical associations that receive support or donations from the multitude of entities grossly affected by the resurgence of coconut oil as a factor in our culture? Is it likely they would resist any positive support?

So how does this theoretical scenario play out? Imagine if just Alzheimer’s alone could be affected, with a delayed onset, reversal, or outright avoidance through use of virgin coconut oil. What if it was used again in our food supply as in the past? Replacing the chemically processed, GMO vegetable oils of today that have been proven to be toxic?

These oils, along with flawed scientific studies claiming virgin coconut oil is at fault for increased cardiovascular events, are at the root of the millions who have suffered and died. The proof is there. Since 1970 when low fat was instituted as the recommendation by the government for optimal health, the increase of death from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes have soared!

What changed? Even though death from cardiovascular events decreased, it was simply because of better medical practices and treatment. The attacks themselves increased! Diabetes and Alzheimer’s have continued to grow at alarming rates along with obesity. 

There are recent studies by reputable medical organizations to back it up. They are generally buried, and rarely if ever mentioned in the fake news media.

How much could be saved in medical costs to the U.S. economy? That amount could be equally staggering in contrast to what will happen if nothing changes. Will it change? Can it happen? If government leaders continue down the dietetic path they have forced on the general public, perhaps failing health will solve the problem. What are the chances?

As for you, pay attention. Since when has the government had the public’s best interest at heart? That means you. For the most part we are just a source of revenue to fund their lavish lifestyle. So the message here is pretty clear. Don’t eat yourself to death or muddle your brain by following the government sponsored  health guidelines. You have everything to gain! The real clincher would be a budget that could be funded!

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About the Author

Alan is retired and resides in South America. Writing is a passion which has resulted in two eBooks thus far, with more in the works. Married 47 years with 13 grandchildren, provides potential grist for the mill!

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