This is where there is many times a glowing page all about what we are, do, and support. How great we are and why you should be a part of it.

Guess what? What alanwjarrett.com is all about… is you. Being a part of sharing vital information. We’re not alone in this. As it concerns Virgin Coconut Oil there are many. A multitude of voices with the intent to spread the truth that has been distorted, manipulated, and egotistically pushed by supposed professionals with personal agendas.

It’s not new. This unfortunately has been around perhaps since the begining of time. So have those willing to stand up and speak out.

This site is not just about Virgin Coconut Oil and all it’s amazing value. More importantly it’s about how it can affect your life, and those important to you. One of the most threatening issues today is Alzheimer’s Disease. This is a form of Dementia with other physical disorders such as Parkinsons, ALS, and Epilepsy falling into that category of brain cells not functioning. Discover the many ways Virgin Coconut Oil can help you.